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Powerpoints: Classes and Talks


I taught at Ground Zero – the Youth Leader Tent at Ichthus 2011.  Below are the power points from each day.

Thursday – re:awaken — Youth Ministry Starts with YOU!


Friday – re:think — Unlocking the Millennial Maze


Saturday – re:create — Gaining and Training…Not Just Entertaining

Despite the rainout – you can get the gist of where I was going to go


History of Christian Missions

In order to move ahead, we first need to look backwards–here is a  brief overview of the last 2000 years of Christian Mission:

Lesson 1 – 0-100 Jesus, Pentecost and Paul

Lesson 2 – 100 – 500 – Patrick

Lesson 3 – 500-1000 – Methodius

Lesson 4 1000-1500 AD – Las Casas

Lesson 5 1500-1800 AD – Ricci

Lesson 6 1800 – 1915 – Carey

Lesson 7 1915-2005 – Jim Rayburn

Speaking: Younglife

Presentation to the YoungLife Northeast Division YoungLife College town Area Directors on December 8, 2011 in Baltimore, MD  Click below to view the Power Point.

 It’s a Brand New Day: College and Culture

Powerpoint from Student Staff Weekend 2012 in Chicago.

Servant Leadership, Personal Finances, and Discipleship