About Dan:

I am Dan Lewis, father of two (daughter Bonnie, 19 and son Jamie, 16), husband of one (my wife of 21 years, Mary) and owner of an ever-entertaining Golden-Doodle named Darla.  I am a Son of a B…usdriver (Greyhound) born and raised in South Jersey (Exit 4) in an Irish Catholic Family. I am a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, playing guitar and cooking.

My High School mascot was the Fighting Quaker (seriously).  I received a B.A. in Economics and Administration from Ursinus College, a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Missiology from Asbury Theological Seminary.  My dissertation focused on the process of gaining, training, and retaining emerging missional Christian leaders.

I was on staff with YoungLife for 21 years, serving in New Jersey, Florida and Kentucky. Currently, I have the privelege of serving as the Executive Director of a Christian Foundation where I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible saints who are loving people and serving Jesus all over the globe. In addition, I am an affiliate faculty at Asbury Seminary where I teach The Theology of Servant Leadership online.

My heart beats to engage with young adults and think through relevant ways that faith in Jesus can expressed and leadership can be developed. My current C.V. is listed below and I am available for teaching, training, speaking, coaching and preaching.

CV Summer 2011

Bio from Ichthus 2011 program:

Dr. Daniel BB Lewis, Dan to most, partners with ministries both locally and globally through his work at First Southern National Bank as Director of Outreach and Culture and Director of the River Foundation. Dan spent 21 years on staff with YoungLife, focused his dissertation studies on Gaining, Training, and Retaining emerging missional leaders, and is founder of Next2Lead, an organization that helps launch Millennial leaders for God’s Kingdom. He is also an adjunct Professor for Asbury Theological Seminary. Dan is extremely optimistic about today’s students and is a big fan of youth leaders, both paid and volunteer.